Our mission

Joakim Johansson was launched in July of 2005 as a comprehensive beauty blog covering trends, tips and tricks, insider secrets, and weekly must-haves.

Our mission at Joakim Johansson is to form a dialogue between reader and expert – to merge runway trends with real life, and to give our readers a VIP peak into the world of beauty through the people who shape that very art form.

You’ll always get exclusive content, always interesting, and, hopefully, always inspiring. Thanks for reading!

Alison Tornton is a writer and beauty consultant and the founder and editor of Joakim Johansson. In her tenure, Alison has written beauty, fashion, and lifestyle pieces for a variety of digital publications. Alison is currently in the process of creating an ingredient database that tests the efficacy of beauty products for a variety of skin types and concerns.

*If you feel that a photo has been used in error, please email alison@joakimjohansson.com with the subject line: image permission, and we will remove immediately.