How Many Eyeshadow Palettes Do You Need?

How Many Eyeshadow Palettes Do You Need?

How many eyeshadow palettes do you need? We all know the feeling. You see a new eyeshadow palette that has all the perfect shades for creating any look you want. Whether it’s a natural everyday look or a smoky eye for a night out, this one palette has everything you need. So of course, you rationalize that you need to buy it because how else will you create these looks? But then reality sets in and you remember that you already have five other similar palettes at home collecting dust. So the question is, how many eyeshadow palettes do we really need? Let’s break it down and find out together.

How to consider how many eyeshadow palettes do I need?

The first thing to consider is what type of eyeshadow palette you want. There are three main types: everyday, smoky, and bold. An everyday palette will have neutral shades that can be used for a natural look or for building up more color for an evening look. A smoky palette will have darker shades that can be used to create a smoky eye look. And a bold palette will have bright, intense shades that can be used to create a dramatic look.

Once you know what type of palette you want, you need to consider your makeup style. If you wear a lot of color, then you’ll likely need more than one everyday palette. Similarly, if you mostly wear neutrals, then you might only need one everyday palette and maybe a smoky palette. And if you like to change up your look often, then you’ll probably want multiple palettes in all three categories.
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How many eyeshadow palettes does the average woman have?

Now that we’ve considered all of these factors, the answer to how many eyeshadow palettes we need is… it depends! It really depends on what type of look you want to create, your makeup style, and how often you like to change things up. But on average, most women have around three eyeshadow palettes.

So the next time you’re tempted to buy a new eyeshadow palette, ask yourself if you really need it. If the answer is yes, then go for it! But if you’re not sure, try using some of the shades from your old palettes to create a new look. You might be surprised at how many different looks you can create with just a few eyeshadows.